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We use a number of different technologies and platforms to address the needs of patients while driving care to the home. The advent of new connectivity of medical devices, and cellphone apps, combined with medical reimbursements allows for a new era in program effectiveness and it's impact on health outcomes.


Therapies & Treatments

Remote Patient Monitoring

Is a subset of telehealth that leverages technology to track and collect patient data outside a clinical setting allowing clinician to get better manage chronic conditions of each patients.

Chronic Care Management

We provide health care professionals the means to help patients with chronic diseases and different health conditions to understand their condition and live successfully with it.


A custom service that goes beyond video conferencing allowing healthcare personnel get a better diagnosis of patients and help them with their health.

Wellness Programs

Our wellness program is a complete and comprehensive health initiative designed to keep and improve well-being through proper exercise, diet, illness prevention and stress management for patients .

On-Demand Care

With our On Demand Care we help patients connect with available healthcare providers through web sites, mobile apps or even home visits in real time.

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Our Programs

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